Let's talk transformation, haters and a comeback

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

Yeah...those are my wrinkles and that's a Wonder Woman bandaid on my forehead. I am 47 years old and I have been through some shit.  I want to chat about some of that shit.  Not because I am a victim but because I am transformed.  Transformed into a better, faster, stronger, kinder more resilient and compassionate human. 

It has been way too long since I posted a blog.  I got into a major funk.  I had haters and judgers and stupid people making fun of me.  So I quit.  I gave up on my positive message, my healthy eating, my recipes, my fitness advice, my mental health writing.  All the good I was putting out there was completely overshadowed by a few douchebags. I am not proud that I gave up.  In fact, I have been pretty ashamed.  I didn't like the way that felt so I kept trying to work through it.  

Here's what I have learned about going through challenges.  They can be transformative, but you must let it happen.  When something crappy happens to you it's because there is a lesson to be learned and strength is going to be your reward. 

Listen, I still have haters.  Haters are just people struggling with emotional pain - self loathing.  So, maybe we show them a bit more compassion and patience. The road to self love is long.  Stay the course.  

So, I'm back and I'm not holding back.  We have had so much success in the time I've stopped blogging.  Stay tuned...

Thank you all for the continued support. 

PS if you're trolling me, you're a fucking fan!




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