Attention Mommies: You Need to Exercise!

Posted on January 20, 2016 by Tamara Donofrio | 3 Comments

I grew up in a very unhealthy household. My parents were overweight smokers. No one ate  vegetables or exercised. 

I really wanted a reason to escape my horrible home life so I joined the track team. I could kill 2 hours after school.  Something shifted in me when I started running. I felt free from my horrible home life. More importantly I felt strong and powerful. I realized I could change my destiny. I was not going to be the overweight, smoker. I was going to escape and be a badass!!!
So can you!!!
You can change your fate, your destiny your health! You have that power!!!
So, Let's talk about really committing to your health. 
If you're not exercising most days of your life, you're not taking care of yourself. This is a must, an absolute. YOU NEED TO EXERCISE!!!!

Let's chat about what's happening when you don't...

People who are inactive have an increase risk of breast and colon cancer. You're risk for these diseases is reduced by 40% when you move your ass.

Physical activity helps prevent insulin resistance. You can prevent the most common disease among adults, just by moving your body.

Sedentary people have the highest risk of heart attack. Think about driving your car with your kid and bam! Chest pain, dizziness! Seriously, get your ass moving!

Lack of physical activity causes you to lose lean muscle tissue. This makes it difficult to maintain your body weight. So if you're not exercising, you will gain weight. You will be bigger, heavier, weaker. Your metabolism will continue to decrease.

These are the facts people.

The positives...
You will sleep better.
You will look better.
You will want to have more sex.
You will have more energy.
You will be happier.

Having kids and and too many kid activities is NOT a reason to not love yourself. Being a mother is more of a motivator. You must be healthy to be the best mother and you must lead by example. Treat yourself how you want your children to treat themselves.

Being healthy is not selfish! Get that out of you head now!!!!

Taking care of yourself is s necessity!  

Now go!!! Get your ass moving! Be amazing! 



3 Responses

Reese Miller
Reese Miller

November 04, 2019

i printed this out and put it on my daughters bedroom door!

Reese Miller
Reese Miller

November 04, 2019

i printed this out and put it on my daughters bedroom door!

Reese Miller
Reese Miller

November 04, 2019

this is an excellent lesson to tech to yourself and your children! very inspiring to me….life changer!!!! which is huge for me…get it!

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