Goodbye 2015

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Tamara Donofrio | 0 Comments

As 2015 comes to a close, my thoughts turn to accomplishments, goals,
failures and how I learned, grew and persevered through it all. 
So let’s drill down the shitty stuff first and then talk about the positives.
I have worked harder, longer and faster in 2015 than any other year of my
life. I end the year with the least amount of money I have ever had. That
is a difficult pill to swallow. As my business grows, I have to keep putting
money into it. Having no money after all the work is the negative, but it’s a
huge learning experience for me and is forcing me to make huge changes.
Big scary changes. I have to outsource it to someone I trust. I have to
bring investors in to continue to build it. 
This is where I could give up. “It’s too hard.” “I can’t do this.”, “Fuck it.”
These are all the phrases I have said to myself over the past 6 months.
But, when I look at the big picture, at all I have accomplished, I realize,
unequivocally that I still really believe in myself and in my business.
I have had days when I really didn’t want to get out of bed. For the first
time ever, I realized I was suffering from depression. It is debilitating,
lonely and scary. I’m learning to manage it with eating well, exercise and
acknowledging to people I love that I need them. That’s the positive, to be
able to reach out and admit you need people. That’s courage and strength
and I’m happy I have the balls to do so. The support I have had through
this has been unimaginable. I am so grateful to be surrounded by my kids,
friends and clients who honestly care and want the best for me. They are
all there for me 100%. (look for a blog in January devoted to depression) !
I accomplished my goal of 10 retailers in 2015 in the first 6 months. I
started 12 new clients into my program. My goal was 6. I’m not stopping -
no way in hell! But, I have to do things differently, restructure, learn and
move forward. 2016 is all about outsourcing and making money. Profit,
production and pushing even harder.
It’s also about taking care of myself
emotionally. I think the depression is a combination of hormones and
stress. I can get overwhelmed with work and mommy responsibilities. The
best to manage this is one step at a time. It can feel insurmountable when
you think of ALL the things you have to get done and all the people that
count on you. If you say ‘One step at a time” it seems less daunting.
We can all feel overwhelmed, defeated - like losers. It’s universal and we
can each climb out of it by acknowledging mistakes, pains, and hurdles.
Then let people help, take actions, one step at a time. Do the best you
can. Learn, grow then say to yourself “I can do this and I’m not stopping!” 
Go! Be Amazing!



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