About The FitChick™ Brand

Healthy Delicious Food

I have been motivating, educating and kicking women’s butts for over 13 years. 

I was a new mom in 2005. Overwhelmed and blessed with all things that motherhood brings, I needed a way to earn a living, incorporate my love and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and love for my family. Thus FitChick was born.

Personal training was the benchmark of how FitChick began. Getting women back into shape after childbirth was the start. All these mothers are thrown into motherhood, overwhelmed by the new responsibility, lack of sleep, crazy hormones, and a body they don’t recognize. It’s scary and you don’t feel strong physically or emotionally. One-on-one training sessions began with pumping iron and cardio blasts. Women were getting into shape and really benefiting from the sessions. What was also apparent was that women often benefited from working out with friends, co-workers, family members. The group beach workouts followed.

Then the girls were in need of nutritional guidance. They were getting stronger, but some of them just didn’t know what to eat or even how to cook. Nutritional advice/guidance/meal planning came next. I tell my girls what to eat and then I show them how to cook it. One of the FitChick products created organically was FitChick Granola. I was always looking for healthy and delicious food for my family. I started making granola at home for my kids and they loved it. I packed it in their snack bags and ate it myself between clients and workouts. I would bring it to my training sessions and my clients wanted it too. They couldn’t get enough of it.

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CEO of FitChick Granola - Tammy D'Onofrio wearing a Wonder woman Band-Aid on forehead

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January 20, 2016

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